Alcohol Detox Near Me

Is a Los Angeles outpatient drug treatment program right for you? When you visit Muse, our addiction specialists can discuss your situation and help you determine what type of treatment plan is the ideal fit for your needs. Whether you enter our rehab as an inpatient or outpatient client, you can expect to benefit from our experience, expertise, and empathetic support.

  • I have never felt so safe and loved during such a scary time.
  • They will not only save your life, they will teach you how to live a life in recovery.
  • We also offer family programs that create a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction and help to mend damaged relationships.
  • A private room and all that it has to offer can aid in the recovery process, which is what we offer.
  • The Residential Program generally lasts days with average length of stay being 15 days.

You might have access to educational workshops, computing areas, or any other number of facilities. Outpatient rehab means you will stay home in the evenings, but travel to rehab clinics through the day to receive treatment. If you are in a 7-day rehab programme for a non-substance-related addiction (such as sex or gambling) you will not need to go through a chemical detox, but the cessation can have behavioural side effects. The 7 days can teach you how to stop drinking, how to detox from alcohol safely, what the health risks are if you continue to drink and can teach you how to keep an alcohol drinks journal. Adult Substance Abuse Treatment is for adults with an alcohol or drug dependency, or adults with a co-occurring substance use and a psychiatric diagnosis. You can find a treatment provider in your area using the directory at this link.


Whether you are in Hyde Park, Cape Coral, Spring Hill, or Tampa, we can get you into a therapy program that offers individualized treatments. From medical detox to relapse prevention, our alcohol and drug rehab center provide clients with the strong foundation they need to rebuild their lives. Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to physical, psychological, and emotional damage. By moving from inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, you will have the opportunity to gradually transition to being an active, healthy member of society once again.

  • As a legal substance that’s sold in supermarkets, restaurants, and sports events, it’s going to be an ongoing temptation.
  • The best thing this place does is gives you the freedom inside them gates to find yourself and truly connect to others just like us.
  • Clinicians are on-site during these hours to process negative phone calls, confrontation by family members, or contact from unhealthy friends or family that may lead to cravings being triggered.
  • From walking paths that lead to tranquil fountains and gazebos, to boxing, and yoga; WhiteSands has countless options when it comes to enjoying your free time.
  • We can provide drug treatments like suboxone that reduce both cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Each detox patio area, located directly outside the detox bedrooms, has comfortable seating and is stocked with food and drinks so that patients do not have to walk far in order to find food or beverages. Our CEO, Mr. Jonas, developed a tried-and-true credo that he has utilized to manage his business for many years. “People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect.” WhiteSands Recovery and Wellness was created to allow us to continue “monitoring” the behaviors of patients long after they are out of our residential levels of care. Through this challenging year of Covid-19, we have learned that we do not always need to be in physical proximity of doctors, therapists, and peers to be able to communicate and observe behaviors. We have learned the benefits of virtual connection that can allow patients to continue to participate with WhiteSands once they return home. This allows them the unparalleled opportunity to continue to see providers they have begun trusting, who know their history, rather than having to begin to develop a relationship with someone new.

About Help 4 Addiction

This is why an individualized plan is so essential to the care of our guests. We begin the detox process understanding as many factors about your condition as possible so that you can get the best care. No matter what substance you are addicted to, our team at Diamond House Detox has the experience and medical background to ensure your detox is as safe and comfortable as possible.

alcohol detox near me

During your rehab experience with us, you’ll attend therapy sessions that target both your addiction and your mental health. Even though your conditions may be chronic, they can be managed effectively so that you experience symptom relief. We help clients learn how to manage the triggers that led them to abuse prescription drugs and find ways to manage their health concerns, if they’re still present, with non-addictive medications and therapies. We also help them understand the early signs and symptoms of relapse so they can prevent it from occurring and maintain their recovery progress.

Why Detoxification is Necessary For Substance Abuse

Befitting a program that has served men and women in crisis for more than five decades, treatment at Azure Acres takes place in a historic lodge that was built in 1906. Azure Acres is a truly special place, with a rich history that features more than a half-century of successfully helping men and women overcome the compulsion to abuse alcohol or other drugs. I sent Joe on a 60-day mission to research what the best treatment centers across Florida offer. If we were going to get into the treatment industry, we were going into it by striving to be the best, offer the best, and raise the bar as it relates to providing the highest quality of treatment to patients without compromise. SMART recovery methods help addicts find independence from addiction through programs centered around scientific knowledge, as opposed to more spiritually based programs.

Figuring out your insurance coverage and benefits for substance abuse treatment can be challenging. Our experienced staff is skilled at working with all types of insurance plans and companies and can guide you in accessing the maximum benefits available. If going to an addiction treatment program in person is impractical or impossible for you, consider our virtual care options.

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