What Is a RACI Chart? Definition, Template, and Examples

The milestones are also different and the team members may have changed, or the team may have been completely replaced. In case of confusion about the project or the activities, it’s time to distribute the original project plan among the team. From there, just refer to the RACI matrix whenever you need clarity on what role each person is playing in a project.

definition of raci

We’ve all been on a project where it wasn’t clear who was in charge or what everyone’s contributions were supposed to be. The resulting confusion and wasted time is sure to derail any initiative. That’s when a project manager can really benefit from a RACI chart. That being said, the platform and tools you use to make it automated and up to date can have a significant impact on its success. Use our RACI template and share it with your entire team to ensure everyone understands and deals with it accordingly.

Identify all project tasks

By assigning someone the role of Accountable, you make sure that the right person is ready to approve the project, and that all final decisions are left to this individual. With monday.com, you can easily give them viewer access to project and workflow boards. That way, they know the actual status of the project in real-time. You can also inform stakeholders of crucial changes automatically with automations. Even though the RACI model is a project manager’s useful tool for stakeholder management, that doesn’t mean it should be used for all projects. The deciding factors on who uses it relate to the scale of the project and the company structure.

definition of raci

For example, regarding the first task, the Project Manager in this model is accountable for each task and is considered the project owner regarding Planning and Analytics. The Analyst will be Responsible for the Planning and Analytics of this project and will involve individuals from the Product Development and Service teams to consult & contribute to the project. Our advisors can help you find the perfect project management tool for your team. In just a few minutes, one of our advisors will help you build and narrow down a list of options that meet your needs, all for free. RACI is an acronym for responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. Each represents the roles and levels of involvement of a stakeholder against the corresponding task/milestone.

Mixing up who is responsible for who is accountable

After the RACI chart is prepared, perform horizontal and vertical analysis. This will remove ambiguities in assigning roles for work packages or activities. RACI chart (or RASCI chart) is a graphical tool that provides the answer to many questions you may have about your project.

The RACI chart is a popular tool in project management, as it helps project managers clarify roles and responsibilities. Yet it’s arguably even more useful in Agile processes, where there’s a need for cross-functional collaboration and it can be easy to get confused about who should be doing what. Because miscommunication is a common threat to any project, RACI charts are a great asset to teams dealing with any type of project, from very simple projects to extremely complex ones.

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To navigate the obstacles that inevitably arise with most projects, it’s best to have a reliable system to lean on that clearly outlines roles, responsibilities, and processes. They are extremely helpful as they create a highly efficient mechanism for task distribution while significantly coming very close to eliminating any ambiguity within the project hierarchy of tasks. It focuses on assigning decision-making responsibilities between different roles, unlike RACI which is purely task-driven.

  • On another note, there will be times that a Responsible and Accountable party for a task may be the same individual.
  • The difference comes with organizations who have decided that more than one “R” for example may be required.
  • Think of the accountable person in a RACI chart as a mini-CEO for that task.
  • If others are involved, then they should be consulted or informed.

It eliminates communication outside the project team, which would need to be accounted for another way in the project management method. The accountable person in the RACI equation delegates and reviews the work involved in a project. Their job is to make sure the responsible person or team knows the expectations of the project and completes work on time. The RACI chart is one of the important documents in project management and a good communication tool for project managers. The RACI Matrix has a fixed layout with a horizontal axis of roles and a vertical axis with tasks, activities, deliverables and responsibilities. A distinction must be made between a role and individual people.

RACI Definitions

TeamGantt makes mapping task roles and responsibilities simple by building a RACI chart right into your project plan. Not only does that save you time and paperwork, but it also ensures everyone always has easy access to your RACI matrix online. The RACI chart has long been a popular tool amongst project managers around the world. Also referred to as the RACI matrix, it’s used to clarify employee roles and responsibilities for each task, milestone and decision that takes place throughout a project. Some teams will benefit more from the RACI project management chart than others, though, since it’s an extra element in the process that can slow down progress and potentially create more confusion.

definition of raci

RACI is an acronym of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed. The matrix design of the RACI Matrix describes the participation of the various functional roles in the project or business process, in completing tasks or results. The process of creating a RACI matrix usually involves a single person doing most of the work while consulting the people who’ll be working on a project. Project managers are often responsible for creating a RACI matrix, but it’s simple enough that anyone can do it. The responsible person in a RACI chart is the one actually doing the work to bring a project or task to a close.

Notion vs. Confluence: Which Tool Does Your Team Need?

If you’re not using a project management tool, just make sure your RACI chart is in the same place as your project’s tasks. Assigning the accountable role to a high-level executive or project manager for all tasks is a mistake. Since they have the final say on when a job is complete, you instantly create a bottleneck.

Generally, nobody should have more than a single responsibility level for each deliverable or activity group in the RACI chart. In this example, we’ve given every person some level of involvement to keep things simple. But definition of raci when you make a real model for more than four people, there’s often more white space. RACI Solutions empowers collaboration, accountability, and speed-to-decision for complex organizations and cross-functional teams.

Colorful RACI Chart Template

A RACI chart can be an excellent tool to help solve this problem. This template from the Academy to Innovate HR is a great choice for project managers who want to organize their team roles with an easy-on-the-eyes chart that evolves beyond the simple spreadsheet. If you’re looking to implement a RACI matrix as part of your team’s project planning process, take these steps to create a RACI matrix.

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